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For several years Dr. Bob Thiel is an award-winning researcher, biblical scholar and one of the world's foremost authorities on end time prophecies. He has studied philosophy, religion, science, and prophecy throughout his career, while actually visiting countless ancient sites in Central America, Asia Minor, Rome, and Greece.

Dr. Thiel is a much in demand radio guest nationwide, and is Examiner.com's Los Angeles religious history and prophecy correspondent. His articles on prophecy, religion and science have appeared in several dozen magazines, newspapers, trade publications and scientific journals, nationally and around the world. And his videocasts are seen weekly on Youtube; to the thousands of visitors to his blog site, www.cogwriter.com, he is also known as "Cogwriter."

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"After nearly two years of analyzing the Fatima messages and various other prophecies, Dr. Thiel – citing primarily Catholic sources – often comes to different and controversial conclusions about the origins of the rosary and four Marian dogmas, what was actually seen in Fatima in 1917 versus what most believe happened, and why various Marian innovations were opposed by Catholic saints."

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